Combined heated towel rails

Each bathroom is equipped with a heating device designed for drying clothes - a heated towel rail . Today, heated towel rails are not only a heating device, but also a part of the bathroom interior. Modern manufacturers offer a choice of not only the classic “snake” installed in many apartments, but also other, no less interesting forms.

As a rule, metals such as brass, copper and stainless steel are used to make heated towel rails. Unlike other metals, pipes made from these materials have increased anti-corrosion properties, which significantly extends their service life

In addition to the two main types - water and electric - heated towel rails are also combined. This is a water heated towel rail connected to central heating with an additional built-in tubular electric heater, securely connected and preventing water from entering the electrical circuit.

A combined type heated towel rail combines all the best qualities of water and electric, however, when installing such a unit, it is necessary to take into account not only the presence of outlets of the water supply system, but also access to the electrical network.

The advantage of heated towel rails of this type over the other two is the ability to operate at any time of the year, regardless of external factors. So, if the hot water supply is turned off during repair work or an accident, the combined heated towel rail can be switched to electric heating mode. In addition, the heat transfer of this type of devices is higher than that of electric ones.

The Navin company is a leading manufacturer on the market of heated towel rails in Ukraine and has long proven itself to be the best. A responsible approach to the selection of materials, as well as the latest technologies used in production, guarantee the high quality of the manufactured goods. And of course, the Navin company offers a huge selection of combined heated towel rails in different price categories, which will allow customers to find a model for themselves at an affordable price.

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