Taps for heated towel rails NAVIN (Navin)

Taps for heated towel rails - options for every taste

Taps for heated towel rails are an indispensable element of the bathroom, helping to effectively manage the operation of clothes drying devices. They are not only responsible for supplying water, but often have additional functions. At the same time, their cost is quite affordable, allowing you to purchase a crane without putting an extra burden on your budget.

Cranes and their features

The catalog features faucets that have an angled design and a standard 1/2-inch connection, making them universal. They are made of brass, have high durability and corrosion resistance, and are also equipped with an American wire for more convenient and quick installation.

Taps for heated towel rails are available in different colors. Chrome models offer a classic and modern look, ideal for most interiors thanks to their shiny surface. Black moire emphasizes restraint and elegance, antique bronze has notes of tradition and classics, and gold color gives sophistication and luxury.

What to consider when choosing such cranes

The main emphasis should be on the following aspects:

  • Installation type. Pay attention to the installation method of the tap, as it must match the design of the heated towel rail.
  • Material of manufacture. Brass faucets are more corrosion resistant and durable.
  • Design and color. Choose a faucet that fits into the design of the bathroom and goes well with other plumbing fixtures.

By choosing products from NAVIN , you are guaranteed to receive high-quality and reliable products designed for long-term use. So you shouldn’t skimp on your comfort - only high-quality taps for heated towel rails from a reliable and trusted brand.

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