Discounts in August on heated towel rails

Discounts in August on heated towel rails


Hello friends! ☺ We remind you that there is a week left of August discounts on our NAVIN heated towel rails! Therefore, prepare yourself some delicious tea and go in search of exactly your dryer on the official website of the manufacturer, saving from 146 UAH to 2924 UAH!

► For promotional models of NAVIN heated towel rails, click here (and as always, we donate 10% to the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces ).

PS The photo shows an electric heated towel rail NAVIN Omega 530x600 , made of stainless steel.

Phone number for orders: 0673238220.

And may you always be warm and comfortable in free Ukraine! ♥

NAVIN. Heat that has a form.

The photo used for the background is by Han Chenxu.

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