NAVIN heated towel rails: June discounts!

NAVIN heated towel rails: June discounts!


Hello friends! ☺ Don't forget about our delicious and pleasant June discounts! ♥ Order NAVIN heated towel rails on the manufacturer’s website before the end of this month - and save from 446 UAH to 1988 UAH!

For promotional models of NAVIN dryers , go to the “Discounts” section on the manufacturer’s website (10% for the needs of the APU).

PS In the photo there is an electric heated towel rail "NAVIN Avangard 480x800 Digital", made of stainless steel and equipped with a thermostat with a timer.

Phone number for orders: 0673238220.

And may you be warm and comfortable in free Ukraine! ♥

NAVIN. Heat that has a form.

The photo used for the background is by Augustine Wong.

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