Happy Embroidery Day to everyone!

Happy Embroidery Day to everyone!


Happy embroidery day, friends! ☺ The Ukrainian embroidered shirt, which, according to the most conservative estimates, is already several thousand years old, is now known throughout the world. Claudia Schiffer, Richard Branson, Sandra Bullock, Adele, Jackie Chan, Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone, Halle Berry and many other famous people dressed up in embroidered shirts from Ukrainian designers or with Ukrainian patterns. ☺

Embroidery in Ukraine was not made in one day, and therefore absorbed all the love, all the tears, all the inspiration and all the painstaking work. Today our Ukraine is one big embroidered shirt. ♥ We remember how much love was shown here, how many tears were shed, how much inspiration was found and how much effort was made. Each of us is a thread of this embroidery, and what is woven together with such love and diligence cannot be torn apart.

So together - to victory! ♥ And we will celebrate the victory in embroidered shirts too! ☺

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