NAVIN - heated towel rails made in Ukraine

NAVIN - heated towel rails made in Ukraine


Why Ukrainian manufacturer? ♥ Just a few “because” arguments:

Because... quality! Dear people, enough of this “menschovartism” - let’s change our thinking! We at NAVIN firmly believe that Ukrainian must be associated with high quality and always adhere to this principle in our work. ☺

Because... innovation! Yes, yes, you heard it right - our products are often more technologically advanced and innovative than their foreign counterparts. And just recently, NAVIN was the only European manufacturer producing heated towel rails with touch controls. ☺

Because... accessibility! Of course, if you buy from a domestic manufacturer with adequately constructed technological and business processes, then it simply must cost less. Why overpay? ☺

Because... service! If something happens, try to quickly get to the service representatives and get some advice, help or replacement, if the manufacturer is located somewhere beyond the Himalayan mountains or on the Apennine Peninsula. We at NAVIN always happily meet our customers halfway and do everything to resolve the issue wisely and quickly, even if the warranty period has expired! ☺

Because... Europe has already chosen Ukrainian! Don't believe me? And NAVIN has been successfully supplying its heated towel rails abroad for many years, and our developments, which meet European quality and safety requirements, provide comfort to the homes of tens of thousands of foreign families. Europeans will not choose bad things! ☺

Because... we need to support our own! We put this point at the end, because we believe that you need to choose first of all according to other criteria. But today Ukraine, more than ever, needs unity, including on the economic front, so the “patriotic argument” also weighs. Our company provides work for more than 50 specialists; we also actively support our Armed Forces financially. At the same time, we hope for your support and believe that together we will definitely win! ☺

► You can purchase heated towel rails from the Ukrainian company NAVIN on this page on our official website of the manufacturer (10% for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine).

Phone number for orders: 0673238220.

And may you always be warm and comfortable in our free Ukraine! ♥

NAVIN. Heat that has a form.

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