NAVIN Silhouette heated towel rails - sophistication of taste!

NAVIN Silhouette heated towel rails - sophistication of taste!


Electric heated towel rails NAVIN Silhouette are grace and sophistication! ♥ Designed specifically for narrow, deep niches and tight spaces, these models have an attractive minimalist design and, of course, take up very little space.

All “Silhouettes” (as well as versions with square stands - “Silhouettes Quadro”) are also distinguished by their economical energy consumption.

Representatives of the “Silhouette” model line have dimensions of 160x1000 mm and are made of both high-quality carbon steel coated with heat-resistant polymer (black and white models) and stainless steel (chrome color). The photo shows an electric heated towel rail “NAVIN Silhouette Quadro 160x1000” in the color “black moire”.

► You can buy Silhouette heated towel rails produced by the Ukrainian company NAVIN on this page on the manufacturer’s website (10% for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine).

Phone number for orders: 0673238220.

And may you always be warm and comfortable in our free Ukraine! ♥

NAVIN. Heat that has a form.

The photo used for the background is by Laura Chouette.

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