NAVIN "Vanguard" - heat geometry


NAVIN Avangard heated towel rails combine the best achievements - both in terms of technology and ergonomics. As for design, Avangard is a striking example of minimalism.

These models have square manifolds and rectangular headers connected at right angles, creating a simple, strict and attractive geometric harmony. Thoughtful arrangement and optimal sizes of elements give Avangard dryers a laconic, monumental and unambiguous form.

The Avangard model line will satisfy the needs of any consumer: colors - black, white, chrome; sizes - 480x600, 480x800, 480x1200, 360x800, 500x800, 500x1000, 500x1200; material - stainless steel (glossy or matte surface) or carbon steel coated with heat-resistant polymer.

► You can view and order Avangard heated towel rails produced by the Ukrainian company NAVIN on this page on the manufacturer’s website (10% for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine).

Phone number for orders: 0673238220.

And may you always be warm and comfortable in our free Ukraine! ♥

NAVIN. Heat that has a form.

The photo used for the background is by Drew Beamer.

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