Heating element for heated towel rail NAVIN Sigma 300W gold, with programming function

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Brand: Navin
Made in Ukraine
Made in Ukraine
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Description - Heating element for heated towel rail Sigma 300W gold, with programming function

Navin Sigma is an electric heating element with programming from the Ukrainian manufacturer NAVIN , this is an innovative functional electric heater with a touch control unit that allows you to conveniently configure the operation of the heated towel rail during the day, as well as program its operation for a week with the desired time range.

Elegant design and ease of programming make it very easy to use. The design of the model is equally suitable for dryers and radiators made in both classic and modern styles.

Navin Sigma has coolant temperature control and an antifreeze protection module (ANTIFREEZE mode), which prevents it from freezing.

TEN NAVIN Sigma 300W   golden color   can be installed both on a heated towel rail connected to a hot water supply (heating) system, and on an autonomous dryer or radiator.

This heater model has a rated power of 300 W and has a touch control unit with the ability to program Navin Sigma operation according to the following programs:

  • Manual mode
  • Eco mode
  • Comfort mode
  • Gain Mode
  • Weekly programming mode
  • Child lock mode.

Navin Sigma also has an energy-saving “open window” function, if the device detects a sudden drop in room temperature (15 °C in 20 minutes), it deactivates the heating element, as well as the “Antifreeze” mode, which turns on automatically when the ambient temperature is below 7 °C .

Electric heater Sigma 300W from NAVIN Made from high quality components. The model has internal protection against overheating and freezing, implemented using a thermal fuse. The built-in temperature sensor limits the temperature of the heated towel rail or radiator to a maximum value of +70 °C.

  • Rated power – 300 W.
  • Operating temperature - +70°C (+/-5°C)
  • Connection diameter - G 1/2"
  • Degree of protection – IP44
  • Warranty – 24 months.

Advantages of the Navin Sigma programmable electric heater:

  1. Convenient digital screen: easy control and operation indication .
  2. Preset programs: can be changed as desired.
  3. Possibility of programming: easy, convenient.
  4. Ultra-precise temperature sensor: provides up to 15% energy savings.
  5. Heating element: safe, silent and durable.
  6. Maximum safety of use: built-in protection against overheating and freezing.

Expanding the functions of your heated towel rail: By purchasing a specialized tap for a heating element produced by NAVIN, you can make a combined heated towel rail with your own hands, which will work both from the heating system and from an electric heater. This will allow you to use your heated towel rail or your radiator all year round and not be dependent on the presence of heat in the heating system.

Specification - Heating element for heated towel rail Sigma 300W gold, with programming function

Product characteristics
Material metal, plastic
Heat dissipation, W 300
Temperature adjustment with programming function
Color gold
Connection diameter G 1/2"
Warranty, months 24


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